Protection From The Elements

I fish year round this leads to have a lot of weather related clothing. It also means that the weather control some of my fishing trips and others are bad all around like last June fishing in the mountains of Alberta we got there with nice conditions and then it got bad from there and ended in 3 inches of wet snow the last morning. Being prepared for anything is not an easy thing without a trailer full of clothes. I live in Alberta Canada, we have some of the best fishing in the world in our back yard but we also have some of the most extreme weather changes too, from sunny and warm to snow in a few minutes or nice day on the lake to 40 mile per hour winds in 1/2 hour. Thunder storm roll through all summer and if you are not watching you will be very wet and cold very fast. So today I thought I would go over some things to keep your trips fun.


So we are at the tail end of winter in Canada so will start here, it is also the easiest to do what you say keeping warm in winter is easy. Actually that is true with some for thought and preparation. the main thing to do to stay warm in winter is to layer your clothing, ya you need some specialty clothing but it is worth it in the end. Let’s start with the base layer long underwear and a t shirt work OK you can also get other more expensive options. Next is the main clothing normally this is what you wear every day but you can go further and have wool pants or man made materials. After that a good pair of lined and waterproof pants or overalls( I buy work wear as it is better in the cold than ski pants). After that is the parka needs to be warm but not to heavy. Then we come to important stuff boots hats and glove, if your feet get cold you are cold so get good boots. Figuring out what is best for headgear is more a preference to you than a hard fact, same with gloves. don’t forget to cover your face if it really cold as the cold air in you lungs means your body has to heat that before it can heat your body. Remember you can always take a layer off if you get warm but cant add a layer if you don’t have it.

Spring/ Fall

Spring and Fall are the hardest to plan for as the weather can change in minutes could be sunny and warm and then snow a bit later. This is when something warm and waterproof becomes you best friend you may take it off but at least you have it if needed. Shoes are the most difficult to decide on at this time to heavy and you sweat to light and you freeze. waterproof hiking boots are my favorite. If you are fishing with waders then it is how heavy of sock do I need remember the water is going to be cold so plan for that. I use gloves with the fingers cut off at this time of year so I have feeling enough to tie knots. Don’t forget a hat, hoodies become important as you have something to keep your ears warm but can take off if it is to warm. The biggest thing to remember s plan ahead take more than you think you need and you will be fine.


Summer in the mountains of Canada are always a lot of fun you will have trips were shorts are the norm all tip and then the next trip you are wishing you brought your winter coat with you. Thunder storms in the mountains are a daily occurrence in summer so bring a rain coat. I have even seen snow several times in the SUMMER so bring coats that can be used to layer again. don’t forget hats of some sort as the sun can burn you pretty fast coming of the water the back of your neck is a spot most people ignore until they have a bad burn there so think about a hat with a brim that covers you neck too.


So to finish this off the best advise I can give is bring layers of clothes no matter the time of year and you will be fine. Just plan for the season you are in and go for it, have fun. I like the trips were the weather is not that good because a lot of people don’t prepare and end up staying in their trailers or go home and I have the water all to my self some of the best fishing I have had has been in the rain. This company has a lot of good products;=&afftrack;=

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