About Me

I love to fish, any species, any way, but flyfishing is my passion. I have been Fly Fishing since the early 80s. Started out with a $20.00 telescoping rod and a few flies and learned to fly fish on a beaver dam over a weekend. Life got in the way a few times but I have been flyfishing for close to 40 years now and have no plans to stop.

I have spent a lot of time teaching my children and others ( Scout leader for many years) to fish and hope to pass on some of my wisdom? to others.

Fishing should be shared

I think fishing should be shared, there are a lot of great people in the fishing community and a lot of new people coming in, helping everyone to catch fish is as much fun as catching them your self. If you come and ask me if I know where the bite is on I will tell you what to use and where to fish

Helping Everyone

I hope to help as many people as I can find the right gear at the right price so they can enjoy this sport as much as I do

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