Fly Fishing Packs

Now that we some idea of what rod and reel that are going to work for us we are going to need some were to carry all the stuff we need to take with us. all that stuff you say, yes sorry you will need Flies, Leaders, Tippet material, Fly Boxes, Fly Float, Pliers, Line Cutters + who knows what else. Ya we will spend some time there later for now lets look at something to carry it all in. This is going to be more about how much you want to carry and what type of system you prefer and most likely will require a change or 2 before you settle on one.


There are lots of different vests around some are more traditional and other are just a couple of straps with a bunch of pockets. They all have a lot of pockets to hold fly boxes and other gear. I started out with one of these and worked for a few years. The downfall of these is if it is hot out they hold the heat.

Sling Packs                                                   

Sling packs have one shoulder strap and as the name says you sling it over your shoulder, again they come in different sizes and number of pockets. All have zippers on most of the pockets so they are easy to get into.they are usually compact so are easy to store but still carry a lot of gear. I now carry one of these. The nice thing about them is you can have it behind your back while fishing and then if you want to change flies you can swing it around and do it anywhere even in the middle of the river.

Back Pack                                                               

Back packs have there place as they are great if you plan a long day of fishing and hiking, along with your fishing gear you can carry some lunch and drinks making the day more enjoyable they also are good if you have a lot of flies and maybe multi pull rods. It never hurts to have some survival equipment with you in back country fishing. The draw back to this is every time you want to change flies you have to take the pack off and find what you are looking for which means going back to shore. .

Waist Packs and Over the Shoulder Bags

I lumped these together as they are most likely the least used of all types although they both have advantages, Like weight and ease of carry, they fall down in the amount of stuff you can carry. I carried a shoulder bag(old canvas army surplus bag) for years and liked it but as I acquired more flies and started carrying more stuff ( extra reel, all my flies, about 8 boxes, knife tippet line, forceps, I had to go to something bigger so went with a sling pack still small enough but holds a lot too. The downfall of either of these is they can fall off you shoulder and not always easy to find stuff in.


. As you can see each different kind has advantages and disadvantages it is going to come down to your preference and were you plan to fish. There are a lot of companies out there that make different versions of each one in different sizes and configurations. There are also a lot of different price points for each kind of pack. The best thing to do is go to a store and try on a few different ones and decide what is going to work for you and then in a year or 2 of fishing you will change to something else so get ready to spend a little money to find what works for you. There are also some Facebook auction sites specific to different areas that have second hand gear for sale and some times you can get a good deal that way. I found a web site while on Facebook that just started up that I think will be a good place to find gear as it puts sellers and buyers together it is So you can check it out too, Good lucks in finding a good pack. flexoffers

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