Fly Fishing Knots

There are a lot of joins of line in fly fishing you start with the backing( line to fill space so you don’t need as much fly line) and then tie on your fly line then you come to the leader and then most people tie on a tippet then the fly. 5 knot that have to hold up under lots of pressure and strain. the rod does take some of the pressure off but there is still a lot on your knots so you need to use good knots that will hold, are easy to tie and can be done with cold fingers ( spring and fall fishing). So today we are going to go through a few knots to help you There are lots of knots you can use and lots of sites to show you how to tie them so I will give you the basics and the knots I find to be the best.

Improved Clinch Knot     

This is the knot I used to tie my fly to the tippet one of the best knot I have used and easy to tie. Very strong knot, the more you pull the more it turns into itself increasing the strength. you can use it to tie on anything with a eye( hooks, swivels,)and can be used with many types of line like mono, braided or fluorocarbon. The tie is easy put line through eye take end and go around line 5 times and then put end through loop by eye and then through loop you created wet and pull. Hope you got that if not look at the diagram.

Nail Knot                   

This knot works great to attach the fly line to the backing and tie leader to fly line as it works with different diameters of line (fly line ,leader) There are a number of tools on the market , to help tie this one but you can do lot with a nail or small straw. It can’t come untied because the untied end is gripped by all the turns of the knot.

How to tie the nail knot

  1. Lay a nail or tube against the end of a fly line. Set the butt section end of a leader against the line and tube. Leave an extra 10–12″ of its tag end to tie the knot.
  2. Make 6–8 close together wraps, working left to right, back around the leader, line and tube or nail. Pass the tag end through the tube or the spaces made by the nail and remove the tube.
  3. Pull tag end to snug up the coils, then tag end and leader to seat the knot firmly onto the fly line.
  4. Trim tag end close to the knot.


Turle Knot   

the Turle knot is used to tie the hook to a leader got its name from an 19 century fisherman Major William Turle. Has been wrongly referred to as the turtle knot

Simple Loop Knot

I used this for years always held up for me but can slip if too much pressure on it. Use a lot to tie leader on to fly line with loop end. Simply make a loop in the end of the line wrap around your finger and bring the loop through itself.



Well there are a few of the easier knot I use, most tie fast and are very strong I hope this helps to get you going never hurts to try something new. Knot are one of the most important parts of fly fishing, without a good knot fish don’t make it to shore. There are a lot of places online to learn about knots so I didn’t go into a lot of detail if you want more info check out If you have a good knot that you think is better please leave a comment below and maybe I can add it

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