Fly Fishing Equipment for Beginners

I have talked about a lot of this stuff separately, now it is time to put it all together and get on the water. Some of this gear you don’t have to have but it will make your life easier. I am assuming you already have the rod and reel ready to go so will not include them here.

Leader and Tippet

I started out by only using tippet material and cut out one knot but it gets expensive so I have now gone to leader and tippet. there are different leaders you can buy. Most leaders used for trout are 7½-9 feet with 4X-7X tippet

Leader are designed to bleed off energy so fly turns over and lands quietly on the water

Use shorter butt section and longer mid section and tippet for softer presentations and less drag. Shorter leaders provide better control. Longer leaders support finer tippet for shy fish. you can get tapered leaders and furled leaders most people use tapered.


    I have talked about flies in another post so won’t go into them too much other than to say get a good selection of wet, dry and streamer so you are not caught on the river with the wrong fly and have to watch everyone else catch fish. Check in at your local fly shop as most will have an idea what is working on local water and send you with the right flies. Fly shops usually are maned by fishermen so they have firsthand info to give you. It may cost a little more to buy flies at an independent shop but the knowledge is invaluable. Local fly tiers are helpful to and can get you some of the best flies on the market


    There is now end to the gadgets you can get for fishing from the simple things like nippers to some more exotic stuff, just do a search on Amazon and see what comes up. The main things you will need are Nippers, hemostats, fly floatant ( to keep you fly on top of the water) strike indicators ( all kinds to chose from), a good fly box or 2 dozen ! lol. I have friends that have so many flies( hundreds if not thousands) and they still keep tying more. You also need something to hold all this gear see my review of the fishpond pack. A good net might be something you want to look at to, It is easier to catch and release with a net. Lastly a book of Knots is very handy to have with you, you can get waterproof ones to carry in your pack.

    Then you need to protect yourself

    this means stuff like hats and sunglasses both are essential to a good day on the water . don’t forget to take a coat it can get cold on the river and thunder storms are the norm in the summer. Sun block, water and food go a long way to making the day go good too. I carry something to drink and a snack in my bag all the time then if I go a long way I don’t starve and dehydrate before I get back. Some days I will be gone for 4 or 5 hours and have had days where I fished for 14 hours( just one more corner must be a good hole around the next bend). One night we walked 5 miles of road to get back to the van all in the dark with no light so maybe a small flashlight might be an idea too

    Waders and good Boots

    Getting around fishing requires a decent pair of waders, there are a bunch of different styles you can get my suggestion is get stocking foot and a good pair of boots you will thank me in the end nothing worse than your feet getting sore or blistered half-way through the day and suffering the rest of the day as your friends are not stopping for you. Make sure you get a wadding belt and use it I found out how essential they are in a trip last June when I fell and swamped my waders and only the top part got water in them or I might not be here to be writing this.


    There are a lot of things you can add to this list and it comes down to your preference, you will figure it out as you fish more. This list is just the basics to make life a little easier. All of this stuff adds up in weight so remember that as you load up the pack, think about how heavy it is going to be after a few hours of fishing.

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