Fly Fishing and COVID 19

With spring on its way in Alberta I start to gear up for the opening of fishing season on my favorite rivers. With all the worries about Covid 19, I thought we should touch on our safety as we start our spring plans. A bunch of us try to plan a spring opening weekend trip but that will most likely change this year.

Social Distancing                                             

So this is going to be easy on the river, we all do it anyway stay a couple of rods lengths away from the next fisherman. Most of us are so exited to hit the river that as soon as we get there we are getting our gear ready so you don’t take the time to shake hands just nod and mumble hi. If you decide to camp it will be a little harder just need a bigger fire so everyone stands further apart and stop sharing joints Remember you should have 6 ft of space between you and the next person. So don’t waste time getting on the river.

The Camp                                             

I think the only way camping is going to work is if we all camp at our own site with some distance between us. massive bonfire bigger than usual that would mean 3 truck loads of wood instead of 2. The worse part will be no social meal, my friend makes the best camping food ever not sure how to get by at camp without it.

Getting to the River                         

This is going to be the hardest one to manage, with stops at the beer store, the pot store, the grocery store, the gas station and the fishing store. That is a lot of people to interact with, I mean there is self check out at some but still means dealing with a few people along the way. Better have some hand sanitized in the truck (if you are lucky enough to have some). Maybe carry a thermos of hat water, soap and a towel in the truck.



So the fishing part will be easy as we do those things already stay some distance from other fishermen. The camp and social part will be hard so all I can say is we need more time off work, that way we can fish by our selves for the 14-day self – isolation then we can get together and fish without worries for another 14 days works for me

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